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Discover rADU

The world's best designed ADU

290 sq. ft.


'r' stands for revolution

✓ European design pedigree

✓ Superior functionality

✓ Unparalleled affordability


rADU is the first product of Vesta, a new breed of prefab homes' manufacturer

$25K for 290 sq. ft. ✸ 
Standing in a league of our own

Price comparison for 1 bed, 1 bath ADUs, by well-known home manufacturers:

Abodu:  $268,800 ($537.6 / sq. ft.) 
Cover:  $369,000 ($636.2 / sq. ft.)

Boxabl:  $60,000 ($160 / sq. ft.)*

rADU:  $25,000 ($86.2 / sq. ft.)**


* Boxabl pricing refers to the Casita, which is a studio, not a 1 bed, 1 bath

** The prices mentioned for the rADU refer to a fully turnkey building, including a  bathroom and kitchen, outfitted with fixtures and all 
necessary electrical appliances. Furniture is not included in the price. Prices updated December 2023.

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"How come it's so cheap?"
"What's the catch?"

There is no catch. rADU has been developed after long research on disaster relief shelters and first response architecture for displaced populations.
Affordability is in its DNA, as its design grew out of the most demanding circumstances, where every penny put towards construction had to count. 
The revolutionary SDFD approach has been applied throughout its design. 
Put in simple words, SDFD champions design complexity over construction complexity, with the desired outcome being a very well thought out building which takes very simple and manufacturing - friendly techniques to be produced. 

"How come it's so well designed?"

Unlike many other ADU startups that have business men, technology gurus or other Silicon Valley tradespeople at their helm, Vesta is led by architects and engineers.

Architecture is essentially industrial design and an ADU is a product.
Elements such as marketing and business strategy are important to a company, but there is nothing more important than the quality of the actual product.
With generational talent spearheading Vesta's design team and distinguished professionals manning our engineers' team, there is one thing that never was and never will be compromised.

Product quality in terms of aesthetics, functionality and affordability.  

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What else makes rADU special?

Cheap shipping. 
Vesta uses panelized construction methods, instead of modular ones. That means that each rADU building can be flat-packed and cost-effectively transported, foregoing expensive transport of bulky building modules.

Only light-weight foundation needed.
The rADU structure is engineered to be extremely light-weight while also featuring a base made up of steel joists. This allows it to be placed on a level surface of gravel or on concrete pads. That further reduces overall build cost.

No heavy machinery necessary for assembly.
The rADU arrives at the host property almost entirely as a flat-pack, meaning there is no need for cranes to be used during installation. That also reduces overall cost of construction.

Great fit for smaller properties.

While most ADU manufacturers market a 2/1 width-to-depth ratio for their buildings, the rADU keeps a 4/3 ratio, resulting in a max envelope width of 20 feet, making it great for more narrow properties.  


Two models to chose from

The rADU comes in two configurations.

The first is a one bed, one bath, 290 sq. ft. structure, ideal for young couples or for a single person who would like to have a little more space.
The second configuration is a 200 sq. ft. studio, excellent for a one-person ADU, or as a small weekend retreat for a couple.
Both make great options for Airbnbs, allowing owners to host a rADU in their backyard and easily start generating income off their property.

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Vesta Roadmap

Q1, 2024

Completion of prototypes

Q2, 2024

Start of Production

Q3, 2024

Start of product delivery

How it works

We don't take your money before we are ready to deliver

Vesta is built with scale in mind. 
Although we are currently assessing different options  for manufacturing partners, we have found some to be a good fit and we are aiming for a production capacity of over 1,000 units per month. 
To reserve your spot on the wait list for a rADU, please press the "Pre - Order now" button corresponding to the model that you would like to get on the wait list for. 
Wait list orders are 100% free and not binding in any way. 
They do guarantee however, a higher spot in the que for our units.
Once we are up in production, we will contact you with an update with estimated delivery time and give you the option to move up in the que by completing a deposit. 


We’re looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.

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